About This Site

Welcome. This website is dedicated to Joseph E. Davis‘ career, philanthropy efforts, and family.

Brief History:

  • Graduated from Caltech with a Ph.D. in Aeronautics.
  • Worked in the Aerospace industry for nearly 10 years after college, before being involved in a┬áDisk Drive startup that revolutionized data storage
  • Subsequently worked in the disk drive industry for 20 years and telecommunications industry for nearly 9.
  • In that span, co-founded 3 companies, Capella Subsystems, Quinta Corp, and Iota Memories who were sold to larger firms such as Syquest, Seagate, and Alcatel-Lucent
  • Currently holds 35 U.S./Foriegn patents in the fields of optics, disk drives, and biomedical.
  • In his retirement, he has dedicated his time and energy towards giving back to his Bay Area community.
  • Hobbies include hiking, traveling, photography, and golf.

Click here to view his full biography and click here to see detailed information about his U.S. Patents.